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My early photoshoots (mostly during my highschool years).

They are my first attempt as a model, made before my 2-years hiatus. They are mostly lolita-related photoshoots of the same coord and one photoshoot of me in a more casual outfit.

I didn’t have been under breast surgery yet, thus my chest is rather flat tinier than it is now – and my hair has grown longer.

The 2/3 of them early photoshoots were made during the year 2015 (when I was in High School), ; the latest was shot during the early year 2018 (after college).

Not really professionally made but still featured for archiving purpose.

Collaboration #2 - 01/29/2018

  • Context: Collaboration
  • Place: Jardin des Tuileries, Paris
  • Credits: Nyoko Akagi (Pictures), KAGENAMI Shinko (Model)

Easter Lolita Meetup - 04/31/2015

  • Context: Lolita Meetup
  • Place: Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
  • Credits: Zuzudemons (Photography), KAGENAMI Shinko (Model)