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I snapped…!

You know, sometimes you feel like your conviction and your actual lifestyle is on odds. I personally didn’t feel this way overall, since I don’t use fossils energy – except for the bus if needed – when I move (so I don’t actively contribute to global warming); my meals are 100% plant-covered (no, I don’t eat salad only, fuc… *ahem*) according to my love for pets and (pacific) wild animals, and I tend to use the most Free software I can to support the Free Software community.
… Do I, actually?

To be honest, a lot of evil services were in my toolbox until this moment today. I still used the Google Suite because “I dun find da best alternative raite naw” (yeah, you know Nextcloud and Onlyoffice for a while, dickhead, and let it into the darkest place of your HDD for month*), with Gmail, I forgot to look for my current phone’s root and Lineage OS support, and used most of my – useful – basic Huawei (sorry guys, I use your phones so I won’t hide your name) apps. Ok, I use Signal as a SMS client as well as an actual chat and I always install F-Droid to have a free software-friendly appstore, but I still used Gmail, Huawei Email client for Scarlet Slander’s email, Huawei calculator and I even ditched a free Photo Gallery for the basic one (ok, it was some piece of s***, but still – I found another one today, don’t worry).

So, I snapped. I removed all the vanilla Huawei crap out of my phone and browsed F-Droid for any open source alternative – even if I paid some of these apps, I opened a private mail with the very domain this mighty (and empty) blog is using to replace my private Gmail, and I FINALLY MOVED MY DROPBOX STUFF INTO THE COZY I WAS PLANNING TO USE INTO A DAILY BASIS WHEN THE DESKTOP SUPPORT WOULD BE POSSIBLE!!! (Ok, I calm down, but it is available for a year now… I’m such a mess!). Also, I deactivated my Facebook account I never liked (I opened it when my ex-gf hinted that I could meet people using it as I was already fed up of it) and was using it as your regular RSS reader Thunderbird is able to replace for years. I even gave a shot to – through Riot – although I was supporting Discord (a proprietary program, I feel ashamed) for some time now; it is useful for Scarlet Slander’s management only since I left all other servers I was into – wasn’t very active so idgaf, and I would love to move it to! (my bandmates will hate me for this lmao).
[Edit : actually, is not as useful as Discord tbh, and the latter uses an open networking system so I guess it’s kinda OK until I find something better!]

Nothing else to add, so stay tuned folks, and don’t forget to follow Scarlet Slander as well!