Agora, Story Moment

Felix and the veterinary douche.

My wife and I found this little fella lost in the street near home. It’s not the first time it occurs, since we already have 3 nice cat friends living with us. But, this time, we decided to go straight to the vet’ in order to check if he had a chip to identifies him – he was too used to the human company to be wild, we thought.

We didn’t have to wait for long since the waiting line let us go first to the veterinarian office. The latter checked him to find a chip (that he hasn’t), estimate his age (circa 2 years old), and assuming his gender* (“he got balls”, he said). Then, due to the fella not having a tracking chip, he offered us to either placing a chip to “claim” him as our cat (even if “He HaS aLrEaDy A fAmIlY, tHeY’lL bE sCrEwD”) or going to the local police station that will ask the pound to handle him.

(* : yeah, I know it sounds SJW but I don’t have another clever way to say it properly).

Jenny (my wife, for those who didn’t follow Scarlet Slander yet) then told him the boldest no, because she knows the pound will eventually kill him if they find nobody to adopt him. The vet tried to defend it saying “no, no, they don’t kill animals, people think stuff that don’t happen, I worked there for years” and such things before he eventually admitted that “if no one adopt them, they either recycle them or – It Is A SoLuTiOn – kill them”. Besides the issue left with the “recycle” option (I don’t even want to know what it means in this very context), Jenny and I told him we’ll handle him and find his new family. She then called him a specist for telling our new friend is just a cat, and “men have to watch out for men” – besides him belittling the whole humankind to his mere manhood, there are issues with his job right there.

But, let’s not forget the best (or the worst, it depends of the angle) of what he said : “I’d rather help the Arabs dying in the Mediterranean Sea then help the animals!”. No grammar error here, nor fantasy put on this sentance. It is the very speech he gave us while we were heading to the exit. Let’s forget the fact that, first, migrant people dying in the Mediterranean Sea aren’t all Arabs but a wide African and Middle-Asian people (that displays a wide panel of people Dr douche here belittled); then, for a mankind-lover do-gooder like him, he seems to forget a lot more of human crisis than this one (no crisis should be a contest, all are painful to live and to acknowledge – I hate the “olympics of pity” – but it reveals the flaws of his logorrhea); and last but not least: why the fudge did he choose to become a vet? If the guy were so fond of helping human beings living such painful stuff, why didn’t he became a doctor or a surgeon to work for a humanitary foundation that helps people living this bargain?

Dr douche is just a loudmouth idiot.

And for the cat, we took him home, nicknamed him Felix (for some obvious reasons), and we don’t know if he stays as a guest or as a family member yet. He does not get along with the other cats (they are really nice to him but he hates their guts due to his street-living former lifestyle). Time alone will give us the answer. For now, the fella is resting well and it’s all that matters!